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Founded in early 2005, the F1Scarlet Pit Crew has a history as a team in pursuit of passion for the sport of Formula 1.

Formula 1 websites have come and gone. To put it more aptly, these websites came, you saw and things went unconquered.

We know that all the F1 news, statistics, gossips, pictures are just a click away and we encourage you to visit those sites.

At F1 Scarlet however, we see the world a bit differently. We are heading out to make Formula 1 rise up from being just a "Sunday past time" sport, to one that provides a medium to F1 enthusiasts to come together and form a community. A community wherein, you get to meet like-minded people who share the same passion towards the sport.

And that is why; F1 Scarlet is all about individual Dreams, Passions and Glories.

You would ask, "What’s special and different about F1Scarlet? Don't we know that all new websites talk about being different and having that special edge but ultimately all of them end up providing the same type of news, statistics, gossip, etc.”

Sure, you can't be far from the truth, but for starters F1 Scarlet is not about news, gossip and statistics. Its only aim is to provide opportunities to each and everyone to associate with Formula 1 in a manner that no other website has come even close to conceptualizing.

Oh boy, that’s a bold statement to make, isn't it?

Well, yes it is and we are going to stand by it like a wall. And we make that statement 'cause our objective is way different from other people;

F1Scarlet has been conceptualized neither to promise the world nor sweep you off your feet. Its only desire is to bring you closer to people who are as much in love with this sport as you are. Its personal and its interactive. It’s where you become One with the fastest sport in the world.

Let’s take a moment to think about the philosophy of "One" (And no, we ain't gonna pay up to you for thinking on our behalf)

There is a One in all of us in some form or the other. A word that we all can relate to even when the chips are down. After all you are:

One Individual; you have One Identity; you have One Desire and you get One Opportunity;

With “One” the possibilities are endless. 

The One that we bring to you is what will change the pace at which you move, think and act. It’s an opportunity to redefine yourself; to give yourself One identity - a new identity..!

Since it’s all about "You"; F1 Scarlet welcomes every individual to become One with the fastest sport in the world - Formula One

It’s like being on the pit-radio with your team. Just that you are not really doing 320 kmph. And to know how, just turn on the ignition and drive around racing track of F1 Scarlet

Happy Motoring and Drive Safe

F1 Scarlet Pit Crew

Our sincere thanks to Moen Ediga and his team at CGAlive (www.CGAlive.com) for their stupendous effort in designing and developing this website. Moen's active and "hands-on" involvement during the various phases of the website build-up has transformed F1 Scarlet's dreams into a reality. He is true partner.

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