F1 Scarlet Quiz
26. Which constructor (even present today) made an entry into Formula 1 in 1954?
  Mercedes Benz

27. What was the highlight of Mercedes Benz’s debut in Formula 1?
  Mercedes Benz won a grand prix on its debut in the French Grand Prix at Reims

28. Who won the Driver’s championship in 1954?
  Juan Manuel Fangio

29. Who is the only driver to have taken a plunge into the famous harbour of Monaco?
  Alberto Ascari. He survives but is killed in a mysterious crash while testing a Ferrari sportscar at Moza

30. Why did Mercedes withdraw from all motor-sport in 1955 (just a year after making an entry into Formula 1)?
  A Mercedes-Benz sportscar driven by Frenchman Pierre Levegh crashes into the spectator area on the pit straight at the Le Mans 24-Hour race. Levegh and 81 spectators are killed and hundreds more are injured. Mercedes-Benz withdraws from the race and, at the end of the year, from all motorsport.