F1 Scarlet Quiz
31. What was the most tragic event of the Formula 1 championship in 1955?
  A Mercedes-Benz sportscar driven by Frenchman Pierre Levegh crashes into the spectator area on the pit straight at the Le Mans 24-Hour race. Levegh and 81 spectators are killed and hundreds more are injured. Mercedes-Benz withdraws from the race and, at the end of the year, from all motorsport.

32. When did Stirling Moss register his first grand prix victory?

33. Where did Stirling Moss win his first grand prix?
  British Grand Prix at Aintree

34. Who clinched the 1955 Formula 1 World Championship?
  Juan Manuel Fangio

35. When did Juan Manuel Fangio clinch his 3rd World Championship?